We supply the markets with both Structural and Appearance Grade Timber.

Clear Grade

This grade is most suitable for high quality furniture and mouldings. The material will be clear on both faces and edges of the product.

Semi -Clear Grade

Intended for furniture manufacture and joinery. The material will have one clear “A Face” and edge, as well as allowable defects on the “B Face” and edge in accordance with grading rules that quantify allowable defects.

Industrial Grade

A lower quality grade suitable for reworking in the manufacturing process, it has limited wane and no blue.

Black Cross / Crating Grade

This is a fall down/recovery grade from industrial grade, used for non-structural applications where strength and appearance is not a factor.

Cutting / Mill Run Grade

This grade is suitable for the recovery of clear grade material for manufacturing and other purposes. No grading has taken place; all grades will be present in this one.

Structural Grade

Timber primarily used in building works, with prescribed design values. Produced in accordance with SABS approved grading and treatment rules that quantify allowable defects, expressly to perform a primary load-bearing function.


Wet off saw

Moisture Content (mc) 32%+

Air dried

Moisture Content (mc) 12 – 20%

Kiln dried

Moisture Content (mc) 9 – 14%


Most of the above material is available in the following dimensions:

 Thickness: 19, 25, 38, 50 mm

 Width: 76, 102, 114, 152, 228mm

 Lengths: 0.9 – 4.8m or longer

We do have mills that will cut custom sizes and components, depending on the volume required.